Weather Related Closures

Smoke and maskPoor air quality and smoke may force our schools to adjust the hybrid learning model to full-remote learning on days students are scheduled for in-person education. The main reason for remote learning when air quality is very unhealthy, is to meet expectations for COVID-19. To fulfill those expectations, all our schools undergo full air exchanges three times each day. Ideally, that would mean us cycling in fresh, clean air into our buildings; however, when the Air Quality Index is at 200 or greater (very unhealthy), our buildings become just as smoky as the air outside. We feel very fortunate all of our students retain the necessary technology to facilitate remote learning in such strenuous circumstances. Unfortunately, given the status of many wildfires burning throughout most of our western neighboring states, full-remote days due to poor air quality may be more frequent than any of us would like.

Driving in the winter

In preparation for the approaching winter months, we wanted to provide you with information that will be helpful in the event of school delays or closures caused by wintery conditions. If you would like to read more about school emergency operations, Board Regulation 805 can be found on the District’s webpage at within the “School Board” tab or by clicking here.

Should it be necessary to delay the start of a school day or cancel school due to severe or unsafe weather conditions, you will most likely hear about the decision from local news sources. Beginning as early as 5:15 AM, watch or listen to your favorite local TV or Radio stations to get updates about changes to school schedules. Our District webpage is also a good place to learn if there are school delays or closures. A banner on our home page will display the essential information as early as 6:00 AM on a day when the weather is questionable. The third method, which you may hear about a school delay or closure, will come in the form of an automated text and/or telephone call as early as 6 AM. This text or call from the District Office will provide you with the general details for the day.

Phone NumbersExtreme weather swings are possible in Carson City. Here are some terms that you will want to understand about school delays or closures. 

  • Delayed Start – Schools will start two-hours later than usual. All Pre-K classes are canceled. Principals will adjust the school schedule for the shortened day. Educators and staff should arrive safely and as early as they are able, well before school is to begin on the shortened schedule. They should take caution and plan 2-times their normal travel time depending on driving conditions. The school day will typically end at the normal time. Breakfast will not be served
  • Closure – Schools will be closed for the entire day. All employees, students and teachers (with the exception of Emergency Response Team members) should remain home. No student activities or programs will occur. This includes afterschool programs, practices, performances and contests including interscholastic athletic events. No school services such as transportation, nutrition, or student health will be provided.
  • Early Release – In the unlikely occurrence that conditions warrant early release from school, after-school programs, practices, performances and contests, including interscholastic athletic events will likely be cancelled.
  • Parent Discretion – If at any time you feel that conditions are unsafe to take or send your student to school, you may keep your child home for the day regardless of the District’s decision to hold school. The schools will support your decision and work with you to make-up any school work or assignments.

Other Recommendations:

As you and your family prepare for the winter months ahead, here are some useful tips. 

snow branchesBe prepared: Keep your automobile with enough fuel and in good working order for winter travel. Snow tires and/or tire chains may help while driving on snowy or icy roads. New wipers and clean windows will be important. A fully charged mobile phone may come in handy.

Plan ahead: Allow plenty of time for your student to eat breakfast at home. Breakfast will not be served at school if a delayed start has been called. If you rely on child care, speak to your provider about alternate plans if school schedules change. Leave your home early enough to compensate for hazardous driving conditions.

Stay informed: Use the local media to learn about changes to school schedules, road conditions, and relevant weather forecasts. District sources such as the website (, automated phone calls, text messages or emails can help keep you informed.

Stay safe: Dress accordingly; have your children wear protective outer clothes articles such as boots, a hat, gloves and a coat. Automobile speeds should be appropriate for the road conditions. Use your headlights as needed. Drive defensively.