File Name Section Code Section Code Description
1015reg.pdf R-1015            Duty to Report Criminal Charges against Employees
1020reg.pdf  R-1020  Protocol in Suspected Cases of Child Abuse or Neglect 
1020reg App1.pdf  R-1020 Appendix 1 Reg 1020 Appendix 1
1020reg App2.pdf  R-1020 Appendix 2  Reg 1020 Appendix 2
1020reg App3.pdf  R-1020 Appendix 3  Reg 1020 Appendix 3 
1020reg App4.pdf  R-1020 Appendix 4  Reg 1020 Appendix 4 
1020reg App5.pdf  R-1020 Appendix 5  Reg 1020 Appendix 5 
1025reg.pdf  R-1025  Prohibition of Workplace Violence 
1031reg.pdf  R-1031 Prevention of Harassment or Sexual Misconduct Toward Students
1035reg.pdf  R-1035 Supplemental Contracts; Extra Pay for Extra Duty; Special Contracts
1050reg.pdf  R-1050  Workers Compensation/Occupational Injury or Disease 
regulationsindex1000.pdf Regulations Index 1000 Regulations Index 1000