File Name Section Code Section Code Description
401reg.pdf R-401 Equal Employment Opportunity
401regcompform.pdf R-401 Form Complaint Form
401regform.pdf R-401 Form Disposition of Complaint Form
4011reg.pdf R-401.1 Affirmative Action Plan
402reg.pdf R-402 Establishment of New Classified Personnel Position
4031reg.pdf R-403.1 Previous Work Experience
406reg.pdf R-406 Classified Employee Transfer Procedure
409reg.pdf R-409 Disciplinary Actions
413reg.pdf R-413 Outside Activities
418reg.pdf R-418 Compensation of Classified Staff
4181reg.pdf R-418.1 Annualized Salaries
420reg.pdf R-420 Working Periods
425reg.pdf R-425 Industrial Compensation
435reg.pdf R-435 Purchase of Retirement Credit for Classified Employees
435regform.pdf R-435 Form Purchase of Retirement Credit for Classified Employees Form
443reg.pdf R-443 Harassment/Sexual Harassment and Intimidation
455reg.pdf R-455 Alcohol and Dug Testing for Employees who are Required to Possess Commercial Driver’s License as a Condition of Employment
455regformA.pdf R-455 App A Appendix A
455regformB.pdf R-455 App B Appendix B: Driver Pre-Employment Alcohol/Controlled Substances Statement
455regformC.pdf R-455 App C Appendix C: Release of Testing Information by Previous Employer
455regformD.pdf R-455 App D Appendix D: Documentation of Confirmation from Previous Employer
regulationsindex400.pdf Regulations Index 400 Regulations Index 400