File Name Section Code Section Code Description
3001reg.pdf R-300.1 Statement of Ethics
301reg.pdf R-301 Equal Opportunity in Employment and Education Complaint Procedure
301regform.pdf R-301 Form Equal Opportunity in Employment and Education: Complaint Form
301regform1.pdf R-301 Form Equal Opportunity in Employment and Education: Disposition of Complaint Form
302reg.pdf R-302 Position Description/Organization Chart
3021reg.pdf R-302.1 Athletic Director
3022AsstSuptEdService.pdf R-302.2 Description of Associate Supt Educational Services
3022reg.pdf R-302.2 Associate Superintendent Educational Services
3023Asst Supt HR.pdf R-302.3 Description of Associate Supt HR
3023reg.pdf R-302.3 Associate Superintendent Human Resources
3024 Director of Operations.pdf R-302.4 Description of Director of Operations
3024reg.pdf R-302.4 Director of Operations
3025DirectorofFiscal.pdf R-302.5 Description of Director of Fiscal Service
3025reg.pdf R-302.5 Director of Fiscal Services
3026MgmtInfoDirector.pdf R-302.6 Description of Management Information Director
3026reg.pdf R-302.6 Management Information Technology Director
302A Org Chart2009.pdf R-302 A Organizational Chart
307reg.pdf R-307 Employment of Licensed Personnel
308reg.pdf R-308 Employment of Substitute Teachers
3081reg.pdf R-308.1 Employment of Substitute Nurses

R-310 Supplemental Contracts and Extra Pay for Extra Duty (Refer to Regulation 1035)
311reg.pdf R-311 Staff Protection
3111reg.pdf R-311.1 Previous Work Experience
313reg.pdf R-313 Evaluation of Administrative Personnel
314reg.pdf R-314 Teacher Probation and Evaluation
315reg .pdf R-315 Post-Probationary Teacher Evaluation
316reg.pdf R-316 Voluntary Separation of Service
318reg.pdf R-318 Staff Infractions/Drug and Alcohol Abuse (Omitted) 
322reg.pdf R-322 Freedom of Speech in Non-instructional Setting
329reg.pdf R-329 Placement on Salary Schedule (Teachers Licensed in Other States) 
330reg.pdf R-330 Advancement on Certified Salary Schedule
331reg.pdf R-331 Travel and Per Diem Allowances : Transportation,Travel,Overnight Lodging,Parking or Vehicle Storage Fees,Use of Private Automobile
3311reg.pdf R-331.1 Duplicate Compensation Prohibited
3312reg.pdf R-331.2 Travel Requests
332reg.pdf R-332 Assigned Extra Duty
333reg.pdf R-333 Leave Provisions – Administrators
334reg.pdf  R-334 Staff Dress and Grooming 
335reg.pdf R-335 Purchase of Retirement Credit – Employees
3351reg.pdf R-335.1 Purchase of Retirement Credit for Administrators
3351regform.pdf R-335.1 Form Admin Purchase of Retirement Credit for Administrators Reg. Form
3351regformOCEA.pdf R-335.1 Form OCEA Purchase of Retirement Credit for Administrators Reg. Form OCEA
3352reg.pdf R-335.2 Purchase of Retirement Credit for Nurses
3352regformNurse.pdf R-335.2 Form Nurse Purchase of Retirement Credit for Administrators Reg. Form Nurse
342reg.pdf R-342 Protection of Employees from Bloodborne Pathogens
342regformA.pdf R-342 Form A Protection of Employees from Bloodborne Pathogens Form A
342regformB.pdf R-342 Form B Hepatitis B Vaccination Protocol - Standing Order
342regformC.pdf R-342 Form C Post-Exposure Control Incident Report
3424.pdf R-342.4 Post-Exposure Control Incident Report
343reg.pdf R-343 Harassment/Sexual Harassment and Intimidation
343regform.pdf R-343 Form Sexual Harassment Complaint Form
3431reg.pdf R-343.1 Prevention of Sexual Misconduct Toward Students
344reg.pdf R-344 Family and Medical Leave Act
345reg.pdf R-345 Americans with Disabilities Act
345regform.pdf R-345 Form Americans with Disabilities Act - Complaint Form
350reg.pdf R-350 Team Teaching
355reg.pdf R-355 Alcohol and Drug Testing for Employees who are Required to Possess Commercial Driver’s License as a Condition of Employment
355regformA.pdf R-355 App A Appendix A
355regformB.pdf R-355 App B Appendix B: Driver Pre-Employment Alcohol/Controlled Substance Stmt
355regformC.pdf R-355 App C Appendix C: Release of Testing Information by Previous Employer
355regformD.pdf R-355 App D Appendix D: Documentation of Confirmation from Previous Employer
360reg.pdf R-360 Workers Compensation
regulationsindex300.pdf Regulations Index 300 Regulations Index 300