File Name Section Code Section Code Description
2001reg.pdf R-200.1 Lesson Plans
202reg.pdf  R-202 Development of New Courses 
204reg.pdf R-204 Homebound Program
204regform.pdf R-204 Form Contract for Homebound Services
205reg.pdf R-205 Textbook Adoption Process
2051reg.pdf R-205.1 Reconsideration of Classroom Instructional Material
2051regform.pdf R-205.1 Form Request for Reconsideration of Classroom Instructional Material Form
207reg.pdf R-207 Student Support Services
2071reg.pdf R-207.1 Referral Procedures
2072reg.pdf R-207.2 Statement of Parental Rights and Procedures Concerning Evaluation of Handicapped Children
2073reg.pdf  R207.3  Method for Reporting Use of Aversive Interventions/Physical and Mechanical Restraints on Students w/Disabilities 
212reg.pdf R-212 Assignment of Homework
213reg.pdf R-213 Field Trips
213regAppA.pdf  R-213 AppA  Field Trips Appendix A 
214reg.pdf R-214 Interscholastic Athletics
216reg.pdf R-216 Title I Comparability
218reg.pdf R-218 Internet Safety and Technology: Acceptable and Responsible Use (ARU)
218regSignPage.pdf R-218 Sign Page Internet Safety and Technology: Acceptable and Responsible Use Signature Page - Student           
218regSignPageStaff.pdf R-218 Sign Page Staff Internet Safety and Technology: Acceptable and Responsible Use Signature Page - Staff
219reg.pdf R-219 English Learner Program
220reg.pdf R-220 Use and Administration of Medications for Treatment of Asthma/Anaphylaxis
220regform.pdf R-220 Form Food Allergy/Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan
220regformSpanish.pdf  R-220FormSpanish  Food Allergy/Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan - Spanish
221reg.pdf R-221 Selection of Media Center Resources and Supplemental Texts
2211reg.pdf            R-221.1            Guidelines for Use of Audio-Visual Resources
2211regClassificationGuide R-221.1Guide Film and Video Classification Guide
2211regClassificationGuideSpanish R-221.1GuideSpanish  Film and Video Classification Guide Spanish 
2211regParentNotification R-221.1Notify Parent Notification and Permission 
2211regParentNotificationSpanish  R-221.1NotifySpanish Parent Notification and Permission Spanish
2211regRequestForm  R-221.1RequestForm  Request to Utilize Commercial or Off-Air Film
223reg.pdf R-223 Reconsideration of Library Materials and Supplemental Texts
223regform.pdf R-223 Form Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials and Supplemental Texts
225reg.pdf R-225 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Program Statement
225reg App A.pdf R-225 App A Appendix A: Prescription or Non-Prescription Meds Which Could Affect Drug Test
225reg App B.pdf R-225 App B Appendix B: Drugs Which the District May Test
225reg App C.pdf R-225 App C Appendix C: Employee Acknowledgement
225reg App D.pdf R-225 App D Appendix D: Notice to Applicants
225reg App E.pdf R-225 App E Appendix E: Reasonable Suspicion Report
225reg App F.pdf R-225 App F Appendix F: Employee Representation Rejection
225reg App G.pdf R-225 App G Appendix G: Employee Refusal to Test
230reg.pdf R-230 Instructional Duties and Responsibilities: Administrators
235reg.pdf  R-235  Foreign Student Exchange Program 
240reg.pdf  R-240  Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Plan 
245reg.pdf R-245 Wellness Regulation
250reg.pdf  R-250  Service Animals 
265reg.pdf  R-265  Social Media Acceptable Use 
270reg.pdf  R-270  Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention 
270regFormA.pdf  R-270 FormA  Ask Suicide Screening Questions (ASQ) 
270regFormB.pdf  R-270FormB Suicide Risk Assessment Consent Form
275reg.pdf  R-275  School Social Worker (SSW)/School Mental Health Worker (SMHW) Program 
regulationsindex200.pdf Regulations Index 200 Regulations Index 200