File Name Section Code Section Code Description
801pol.pdf 801 Public Records
802pol.pdf 802 School Organization
803pol.pdf 803 School Calendar
804pol.pdf 804 School Day
805pol.pdf 805 Emergency Operations of Schools
806pol.pdf 806 Control and Prevention of Contagious & Infectious Diseases
807pol.pdf 807 Child Abuse
808pol.pdf 808 Opening Exercises
809pol.pdf 809 School Nutrition Services
811pol.pdf 811 Transportation
812pol.pdf 812 Property Insurance
813pol.pdf 813 Liability Insurance
814pol.pdf 814 Crime Protection Insurance/Fiscal Bonding            
815pol.pdf 815 Software Copyright
816pol.pdf 816 School Nutrition/Wellness
817pol.pdf 817 Identification Badge
820pol.pdf 820  Safety and Security Surveillance Monitoring 
policyindex800.pdf Policy Index Policy Index