File Name Section Code Section Code Description
501pol.pdf 501 Equal Educational Opportunity
502pol.pdf 502 Nonresident Student Admission
503pol.pdf 503 Compulsory Attendance Age
504pol.pdf 504 Immunization
505pol.pdf 505 Assignment within District Attendance Zones Variances
506pol.pdf 506 Attendance and Truancy 
508pol.pdf 508 Guardianship; Custody Arrangements
509pol.pdf 509 Mandatory Attendance; Withdrawal from School; Adult Education Program 
510pol.pdf 510 Required Health Examinations and Sports Physicals
511pol.pdf 511 Use of Medication
512pol.pdf 512 Accident Insurance
513pol.pdf 513 Reporting Student Progress Written Reports, Conferences Failure Notices
514pol.pdf 514 Promotion and Retention
515pol.pdf 515 Student Education Records
516pol.pdf 516 Class Rank
517pol.pdf 517 High School Graduation Requirements; Graduation Ceremonies
518pol.pdf 518 Drug and Alcohol Use/Abuse
519pol.pdf 519 Dress Code
520pol.pdf 520 Bus Conduct
521pol.pdf 521 Care of School Property
522pol.pdf 522 Student Sponsored Publications
523pol.pdf 523 Married and/or Pregnant Students
524pol.pdf 524 Corporal Punishment
525pol.pdf 525 Student Conduct and Discipline          
526pol.pdf 526 Search and Seizure
527pol.pdf 527 Student Fundraising
528pol.pdf 528 Student Cases Involving Law Enforcement Agencies
530pol.pdf 530 Social Events and Student-Organized Trips
531pol.pdf 531 Student Societies
532pol.pdf 532 Student Use of Vehicles
534pol.pdf 534 Interscholastic Activities Program
535pol.pdf 535 Out of District Travel for Student Activities
536pol.pdf 536 Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) or Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (ADIS)           
537pol.pdf 537 Transfer of Students
538pol.pdf 538 Cheating
539pol.pdf 539 Independent Study in Physical Education
541pol.pdf 541 Free Appropriate Public Education in the Least Restrictive Environment
542pol.pdf 542 Early Childhood and Special Education
543pol.pdf 543 Safe and Respectful Learning Environment; Free from Bullying or Cyber-Bullying           
5431pol.pdf 543.1 Prevention of Harassment or Sexual Misconduct Toward Students (See Policy 1031)
544pol.pdf 544 Participation of Home-School/Private School Students in CCSD Programs
545pol.pdf 545 Pathways to Early College Credit          
546pol.pdf 546 Electronic Device Usage
547pol.pdf 547 Anti-Hazing
550pol.pdf 550 Management of Concussions and Head Injuries
555pol.pdf 555  Safe Exposure to the Sun
policyindex500.pdf Policy 500 Index Policy 500 Index