File Name Section Code Section Code Description
300pol.pdf 300 General Personnel Policy Statement
301pol.pdf 301 Equal Opportunity Employment
3011pol.pdf 301.1 Affirmative Action Plan
302pol.pdf 302 Recruitment and Selection of Personnel
303pol.pdf 303 Superintendent of Schools
304pol.pdf 304 Creating a Position
305pol.pdf 305 Abolishing a Position
306pol.pdf 306 Employment of Superintendent
307pol.pdf 307 Appointment of Licensed Personnel
308pol.pdf 308 Employment of Substitute Teachers
3081pol.pdf 308.1 Employment of Substitute Nurses
309pol.pdf 309 Student Teachers
310pol.pdf 310 Employment Contract
311pol.pdf 311 Assignment and Transfer
3111pol.pdf 311.1 Previous Work Experience
312pol.pdf 312 Evaluation of Superintendent
313pol.pdf 313 Evaluation of Administrative Personnel
313Apol.pdf 313A Evaluation of Administrative Personnel (2014-2015
314pol.pdf 314 Teacher Probation and Evaluation
314Apol.pdf 314A Teacher Probation and Evaluation (2014-2015)
315pol.pdf 315 Evaluation of Post-Probationary Teachers
315Apol.pdf 315A Evaluation of Post-Probationary Teachers (2014-2015)
316pol.pdf 316 Resignation and Retirement
317pol.pdf 317 Assessing Wages for Tardiness
318pol.pdf 318 Staff Infractions
319pol.pdf 319 Private Practice of Certified Personnel
320pol.pdf 320 School Personnel Seeking Public Office
321pol.pdf 321 Staff Conflict of Interest
322pol.pdf 322 Freedom of Speech in Noninstructional Settings
323pol.pdf 323 Professional Development Opportunities            
325pol.pdf 325 Liability of Staff for Student Welfare
326pol.pdf 326 Gifts
327pol.pdf 327 Personnel Records
328pol.pdf 328 Complaints on Policy
329pol.pdf 329 Placement on Salary Schedule (Teachers Licensed in Other States)
330pol.pdf 330 Advancement on Certified Salary Schedule
331pol.pdf 331 Job Related Expenses
332pol.pdf 332 Extra Duty
333pol.pdf 333 Annual Leave – Administrators
334pol.pdf 334 Staff Dress and Grooming
335pol.pdf 335 Early Retirement
3351pol.pdf 335.1 Purchase of Retirement Credit for Administrators
336pol.pdf 336 Legal Representation for Administrators
337pol.pdf 337 Home Visits
338pol.pdf 338 Payment for Unused Sick Leave
341pol.pdf 341 Preparation for New Student
342pol.pdf 342 Protection of Employees from Bloodborne Pathogens
343pol.pdf 343 Harassment/Sexual Harassment and Intimidation
3431pol.pdf 343.1 Prevention of Sexual Misconduct
344pol.pdf 344 Family and Medical Leave Act
345pol.pdf 345 Americans with Disabilities Act
350pol.pdf 350 Team Teaching
355pol.pdf 355 Alcohol and Drug Testing for Employees Who Are Required to Possess a Commercial Driver’s License as a Condition of Employment
355polform.pdf 355 Alcohol and Drug Testing for Employees Who Are Required to Possess a Commercial Driver’s License Receipt of Policy Form
356pol.pdf 356 Employee Dress Code (Refer to Regulation 334)           
360pol.pdf 360 Workers Compensation
policyindex300..pdf Policy Index 300 Policy Index 300